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Gmelin Number of the elements

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HydrogenGmelin3 NiobiumGmelin16213 ThalliumGmelin16308
HeliumGmelin16294 MolybdenumGmelin16205 LeadGmelin16240
LithiumGmelin30 TechnetiumN/A BismuthGmelin16267
BerylliumGmelin16256 RutheniumGmelin16241 PoloniumN/A
BoronGmelin16262 RhodiumGmelin16245 AstatineN/A
CarbonGmelin8868 PalladiumGmelin16239 RadonGmelin16242
NitrogenGmelin150 SilverGmelin1253 FranciumN/A
OxygenGmelin485 CadmiumGmelin16276 RadiumGmelin40437
FluorineGmelin16281 IndiumGmelin1081 ActiniumN/A
NeonGmelin16211 TinGmelin16300 ThoriumGmelin16314
SodiumGmelin563 AntimonyN/A ProtactiniumN/A
MagnesiumGmelin16207 TelluriumGmelin1153 UraniumGmelin16315
AluminumGmelin16248 IodineGmelin1160 NeptuniumN/A
SiliconGmelin61188 XenonGmelin1125 PlutoniumGmelin40432
PhosphorusGmelin8863 CesiumGmelin15188 AmericiumN/A
SulfurN/A BariumGmelin16266 CuriumN/A
ChlorineN/A LanthanumN/A BerkeliumN/A
ArgonGmelin821 CeriumGmelin16275 CaliforniumN/A
PotassiumGmelin15203 PraseodymiumGmelin16238 EinsteiniumN/A
CalciumGmelin16277 NeodymiumGmelin16212 FermiumN/A
ScandiumGmelin16304 PromethiumN/A MendeleviumN/A
TitaniumGmelin16313 SamariumGmelin16301 NobeliumN/A
VanadiumGmelin49047 EuropiumGmelin15985 LawrenciumN/A
ChromiumGmelin16274 GadoliniumGmelin16286 RutherfordiumN/A
ManganeseGmelin699 TerbiumGmelin16311 DubniumN/A
IronGmelin6845 DysprosiumGmelin16278 SeaborgiumN/A
CobaltGmelin49017 HolmiumGmelin16291 BohriumN/A
NickelGmelin16229 ErbiumGmelin16280 HassiumN/A
CopperGmelin16269 ThuliumGmelin16307 MeitneriumN/A
ZincGmelin16321 YtterbiumGmelin16014 DarmstadtiumN/A
GalliumGmelin16287 LutetiumGmelin16202 RoentgeniumN/A
GermaniumGmelin93634 HafniumGmelin16293 UnunbiumN/A
ArsenicGmelin16247 TantalumGmelin16312 UnuntriumN/A
SeleniumGmelin8872 TungstenGmelin16317 UnunquadiumN/A
BromineGmelin1182 RheniumGmelin16243 UnunpentiumN/A
KryptonGmelin16201 OsmiumGmelin16234 UnunhexiumN/A
RubidiumGmelin16244 IridiumGmelin16298 UnunseptiumN/A
StrontiumGmelin16302 PlatinumGmelin79607 UnunoctiumN/A
YttriumGmelin16319 GoldGmelin16246
ZirconiumGmelin16322 MercuryGmelin1623

Up to date, curated data provided by Mathematica's ElementData function from Wolfram Research, Inc.

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