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Alternate Names of the elements

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AluminumAluminium ArsenicNone PlatinumNone
SilverArgentum SeleniumNone ThalliumNone
GoldAurum BromineNone BismuthNone
CesiumCaesium KryptonNone PoloniumNone
CopperCuprum RubidiumNone AstatineNone
IronFerrum StrontiumNone RadonNone
MercuryHydrargyrum YttriumNone FranciumNone
PotassiumKalium ZirconiumNone RadiumNone
SodiumNatrium NiobiumNone ActiniumNone
LeadPlumbum MolybdenumNone ThoriumNone
TinStannum TechnetiumNone ProtactiniumNone
AntimonyStibium RutheniumNone UraniumNone
SulfurSulphur RhodiumNone NeptuniumNone
TungstenWolfram PalladiumNone PlutoniumNone
HydrogenNone CadmiumNone AmericiumNone
HeliumNone IndiumNone CuriumNone
LithiumNone TelluriumNone BerkeliumNone
BerylliumNone IodineNone CaliforniumNone
BoronNone XenonNone EinsteiniumNone
CarbonNone BariumNone FermiumNone
NitrogenNone LanthanumNone MendeleviumNone
OxygenNone CeriumNone NobeliumNone
FluorineNone PraseodymiumNone LawrenciumNone
NeonNone NeodymiumNone RutherfordiumNone
MagnesiumNone PromethiumNone DubniumNone
SiliconNone SamariumNone SeaborgiumNone
PhosphorusNone EuropiumNone BohriumNone
ChlorineNone GadoliniumNone HassiumNone
ArgonNone TerbiumNone MeitneriumNone
CalciumNone DysprosiumNone DarmstadtiumNone
ScandiumNone HolmiumNone RoentgeniumNone
TitaniumNone ErbiumNone UnunbiumNone
VanadiumNone ThuliumNone UnuntriumNone
ChromiumNone YtterbiumNone UnunquadiumNone
ManganeseNone LutetiumNone UnunpentiumNone
CobaltNone HafniumNone UnunhexiumNone
NickelNone TantalumNone UnunseptiumNone
ZincNone RheniumNone UnunoctiumNone
GalliumNone OsmiumNone
GermaniumNone IridiumNone

Up to date, curated data provided by Mathematica's ElementData function from Wolfram Research, Inc.

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Abundance in Humans Lattice Constants
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Critical Pressure Period
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Decay Mode Radioactive
Density Refractive Index
Discovery Year Resistivity
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Electron Configuration Specific Heat
Electronegativity Speed of Sound
EU Number Stable Isotopes
Flash Point Superconducting Point
Gas Atomic Multiplicities Symbol
Gmelin Number Thermal Conductivity
Group Thermal Expansion
Half Life Valence
Heat of Combustion Van Der Waals Radius
Heat of Fusion Vickers Hardness
Heat of Vaporization Volume Magnetic Susceptibility
Ionization Energies Young Modulus