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CID Number of the elements

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HydrogenCID783 NiobiumCID23936 ThalliumCID105005
HeliumCID23987 MolybdenumCID23932 LeadCID73212
LithiumCID3028194 TechnetiumN/A BismuthCID5359367
BerylliumCID5460467 RutheniumCID23950 PoloniumN/A
BoronCID5462311 RhodiumCID23948 AstatineN/A
CarbonCID5462310 PalladiumCID23938 RadonCID24857
NitrogenCID947 SilverCID104755 FranciumN/A
OxygenCID977 CadmiumCID23973 RadiumCID6328144
FluorineCID24524 IndiumCID5359967 ActiniumN/A
NeonCID23935 TinCID5352426 ThoriumCID23960
SodiumCID923 AntimonyN/A ProtactiniumN/A
MagnesiumCID888 TelluriumCID6327182 UraniumCID23989
AluminumCID5359268 IodineCID807 NeptuniumN/A
SiliconCID5461123 XenonCID23991 PlutoniumCID23940
PhosphorusCID5462309 CesiumCID5354618 AmericiumN/A
SulfurN/A BariumCID5355457 CuriumN/A
ChlorineCID24526 LanthanumN/A BerkeliumN/A
ArgonCID23968 CeriumCID23974 CaliforniumN/A
PotassiumCID813 PraseodymiumCID23942 EinsteiniumN/A
CalciumCID271 NeodymiumCID23934 FermiumN/A
ScandiumCID23952 PromethiumN/A MendeleviumN/A
TitaniumCID114942 SamariumCID23951 NobeliumN/A
VanadiumCID23990 EuropiumCID23981 LawrenciumN/A
ChromiumCID23976 GadoliniumCID23982 RutherfordiumN/A
ManganeseCID27854 TerbiumCID23958 DubniumN/A
IronCID23925 DysprosiumCID23912 SeaborgiumN/A
CobaltCID104730 HolmiumCID23988 BohriumN/A
NickelCID934 ErbiumCID23980 HassiumN/A
CopperCID27099 ThuliumCID23961 MeitneriumN/A
ZincCID23994 YtterbiumCID23992 DarmstadtiumN/A
GalliumCID5360835 LutetiumCID23929 RoentgeniumN/A
GermaniumCID6326954 HafniumCID23986 UnunbiumN/A
ArsenicCID5359596 TantalumCID23956 UnuntriumN/A
SeleniumCID107674 TungstenCID23964 UnunquadiumN/A
BromineCID24408 RheniumCID23947 UnunpentiumN/A
KryptonCID5416 OsmiumCID23937 UnunhexiumN/A
RubidiumCID5357696 IridiumCID23924 UnunseptiumN/A
StrontiumCID104798 PlatinumCID23939 UnunoctiumN/A
YttriumCID23993 GoldCID23985
ZirconiumCID23995 MercuryCID26623

Up to date, curated data provided by Mathematica's ElementData function from Wolfram Research, Inc.

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Critical Pressure Period
Critical Temperature Phase
Crystal Structure Poisson Ratio
Curie Point Quantum Numbers
Decay Mode Radioactive
Density Refractive Index
Discovery Year Resistivity
DOT Hazard Class RTECS Classes
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Electrical Conductivity Shear Modulus
Electrical Type Space Group Name
Electron Affinity Space Group Number
Electron Configuration Specific Heat
Electronegativity Speed of Sound
EU Number Stable Isotopes
Flash Point Superconducting Point
Gas Atomic Multiplicities Symbol
Gmelin Number Thermal Conductivity
Group Thermal Expansion
Half Life Valence
Heat of Combustion Van Der Waals Radius
Heat of Fusion Vickers Hardness
Heat of Vaporization Volume Magnetic Susceptibility
Ionization Energies Young Modulus