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Known Isotopes of the elements

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1H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H
3He, 4He, 5He, 6He, 7He, 8He, 9He, 10He
3Li, 4Li, 5Li, 6Li, 7Li, 8Li, 9Li, 10Li, 11Li, 12Li
5Be, 6Be, 7Be, 8Be, 9Be, 10Be, 11Be, 12Be, 13Be, 14Be, 15Be, 16Be
6B, 7B, 8B, 9B, 10B, 11B, 12B, 13B, 14B, 15B, 16B, 17B, 18B, 19B
8C, 9C, 10C, 11C, 12C, 13C, 14C, 15C, 16C, 17C, 18C, 19C, 20C, 21C, 22C
10N, 11N, 12N, 13N, 14N, 15N, 16N, 17N, 18N, 19N, 20N, 21N, 22N, 23N, 24N, 25N
12O, 13O, 14O, 15O, 16O, 17O, 18O, 19O, 20O, 21O, 22O, 23O, 24O, 25O, 26O, 27O, 28O
14F, 15F, 16F, 17F, 18F, 19F, 20F, 21F, 22F, 23F, 24F, 25F, 26F, 27F, 28F, 29F, 30F, 31F
16Ne, 17Ne, 18Ne, 19Ne, 20Ne, 21Ne, 22Ne, 23Ne, 24Ne, 25Ne, 26Ne, 27Ne, 28Ne, 29Ne, 30Ne, 31Ne, 32Ne, 33Ne, 34Ne
18Na, 19Na, 20Na, 21Na, 22Na, 23Na, 24Na, 25Na, 26Na, 27Na, 28Na, 29Na, 30Na, 31Na, 32Na, 33Na, 34Na, 35Na, 36Na, 37Na
19Mg, 20Mg, 21Mg, 22Mg, 23Mg, 24Mg, 25Mg, 26Mg, 27Mg, 28Mg, 29Mg, 30Mg, 31Mg, 32Mg, 33Mg, 34Mg, 35Mg, 36Mg, 37Mg, 38Mg, 39Mg, 40Mg
21Al, 22Al, 23Al, 24Al, 25Al, 26Al, 27Al, 28Al, 29Al, 30Al, 31Al, 32Al, 33Al, 34Al, 35Al, 36Al, 37Al, 38Al, 39Al, 40Al, 41Al, 42Al
22Si, 23Si, 24Si, 25Si, 26Si, 27Si, 28Si, 29Si, 30Si, 31Si, 32Si, 33Si, 34Si, 35Si, 36Si, 37Si, 38Si, 39Si, 40Si, 41Si, 42Si, 43Si, 44Si
24P, 25P, 26P, 27P, 28P, 29P, 30P, 31P, 32P, 33P, 34P, 35P, 36P, 37P, 38P, 39P, 40P, 41P, 42P, 43P, 44P, 45P, 46P
26S, 27S, 28S, 29S, 30S, 31S, 32S, 33S, 34S, 35S, 36S, 37S, 38S, 39S, 40S, 41S, 42S, 43S, 44S, 45S, 46S, 47S, 48S, 49S
28Cl, 29Cl, 30Cl, 31Cl, 32Cl, 33Cl, 34Cl, 35Cl, 36Cl, 37Cl, 38Cl, 39Cl, 40Cl, 41Cl, 42Cl, 43Cl, 44Cl, 45Cl, 46Cl, 47Cl, 48Cl, 49Cl, 50Cl, 51Cl
30Ar, 31Ar, 32Ar, 33Ar, 34Ar, 35Ar, 36Ar, 37Ar, 38Ar, 39Ar, 40Ar, 41Ar, 42Ar, 43Ar, 44Ar, 45Ar, 46Ar, 47Ar, 48Ar, 49Ar, 50Ar, 51Ar, 52Ar, 53Ar
32K, 33K, 34K, 35K, 36K, 37K, 38K, 39K, 40K, 41K, 42K, 43K, 44K, 45K, 46K, 47K, 48K, 49K, 50K, 51K, 52K, 53K, 54K, 55K
34Ca, 35Ca, 36Ca, 37Ca, 38Ca, 39Ca, 40Ca, 41Ca, 42Ca, 43Ca, 44Ca, 45Ca, 46Ca, 47Ca, 48Ca, 49Ca, 50Ca, 51Ca, 52Ca, 53Ca, 54Ca, 55Ca, 56Ca, 57Ca
36Sc, 37Sc, 38Sc, 39Sc, 40Sc, 41Sc, 42Sc, 43Sc, 44Sc, 45Sc, 46Sc, 47Sc, 48Sc, 49Sc, 50Sc, 51Sc, 52Sc, 53Sc, 54Sc, 55Sc, 56Sc, 57Sc, 58Sc, 59Sc, 60Sc
38Ti, 39Ti, 40Ti, 41Ti, 42Ti, 43Ti, 44Ti, 45Ti, 46Ti, 47Ti, 48Ti, 49Ti, 50Ti, 51Ti, 52Ti, 53Ti, 54Ti, 55Ti, 56Ti, 57Ti, 58Ti, 59Ti, 60Ti, 61Ti, 62Ti, 63Ti
40V, 41V, 42V, 43V, 44V, 45V, 46V, 47V, 48V, 49V, 50V, 51V, 52V, 53V, 54V, 55V, 56V, 57V, 58V, 59V, 60V, 61V, 62V, 63V, 64V, 65V
42Cr, 43Cr, 44Cr, 45Cr, 46Cr, 47Cr, 48Cr, 49Cr, 50Cr, 51Cr, 52Cr, 53Cr, 54Cr, 55Cr, 56Cr, 57Cr, 58Cr, 59Cr, 60Cr, 61Cr, 62Cr, 63Cr, 64Cr, 65Cr, 66Cr, 67Cr
44Mn, 45Mn, 46Mn, 47Mn, 48Mn, 49Mn, 50Mn, 51Mn, 52Mn, 53Mn, 54Mn, 55Mn, 56Mn, 57Mn, 58Mn, 59Mn, 60Mn, 61Mn, 62Mn, 63Mn, 64Mn, 65Mn, 66Mn, 67Mn, 68Mn, 69Mn
45Fe, 46Fe, 47Fe, 48Fe, 49Fe, 50Fe, 51Fe, 52Fe, 53Fe, 54Fe, 55Fe, 56Fe, 57Fe, 58Fe, 59Fe, 60Fe, 61Fe, 62Fe, 63Fe, 64Fe, 65Fe, 66Fe, 67Fe, 68Fe, 69Fe, 70Fe, 71Fe, 72Fe
47Co, 48Co, 49Co, 50Co, 51Co, 52Co, 53Co, 54Co, 55Co, 56Co, 57Co, 58Co, 59Co, 60Co, 61Co, 62Co, 63Co, 64Co, 65Co, 66Co, 67Co, 68Co, 69Co, 70Co, 71Co, 72Co, 73Co, 74Co, 75Co
48Ni, 49Ni, 50Ni, 51Ni, 52Ni, 53Ni, 54Ni, 55Ni, 56Ni, 57Ni, 58Ni, 59Ni, 60Ni, 61Ni, 62Ni, 63Ni, 64Ni, 65Ni, 66Ni, 67Ni, 68Ni, 69Ni, 70Ni, 71Ni, 72Ni, 73Ni, 74Ni, 75Ni, 76Ni, 77Ni, 78Ni
52Cu, 53Cu, 54Cu, 55Cu, 56Cu, 57Cu, 58Cu, 59Cu, 60Cu, 61Cu, 62Cu, 63Cu, 64Cu, 65Cu, 66Cu, 67Cu, 68Cu, 69Cu, 70Cu, 71Cu, 72Cu, 73Cu, 74Cu, 75Cu, 76Cu, 77Cu, 78Cu, 79Cu, 80Cu
54Zn, 55Zn, 56Zn, 57Zn, 58Zn, 59Zn, 60Zn, 61Zn, 62Zn, 63Zn, 64Zn, 65Zn, 66Zn, 67Zn, 68Zn, 69Zn, 70Zn, 71Zn, 72Zn, 73Zn, 74Zn, 75Zn, 76Zn, 77Zn, 78Zn, 79Zn, 80Zn, 81Zn, 82Zn, 83Zn
56Ga, 57Ga, 58Ga, 59Ga, 60Ga, 61Ga, 62Ga, 63Ga, 64Ga, 65Ga, 66Ga, 67Ga, 68Ga, 69Ga, 70Ga, 71Ga, 72Ga, 73Ga, 74Ga, 75Ga, 76Ga, 77Ga, 78Ga, 79Ga, 80Ga, 81Ga, 82Ga, 83Ga, 84Ga, 85Ga, 86Ga
58Ge, 59Ge, 60Ge, 61Ge, 62Ge, 63Ge, 64Ge, 65Ge, 66Ge, 67Ge, 68Ge, 69Ge, 70Ge, 71Ge, 72Ge, 73Ge, 74Ge, 75Ge, 76Ge, 77Ge, 78Ge, 79Ge, 80Ge, 81Ge, 82Ge, 83Ge, 84Ge, 85Ge, 86Ge, 87Ge, 88Ge, 89Ge
60As, 61As, 62As, 63As, 64As, 65As, 66As, 67As, 68As, 69As, 70As, 71As, 72As, 73As, 74As, 75As, 76As, 77As, 78As, 79As, 80As, 81As, 82As, 83As, 84As, 85As, 86As, 87As, 88As, 89As, 90As, 91As, 92As
65Se, 66Se, 67Se, 68Se, 69Se, 70Se, 71Se, 72Se, 73Se, 74Se, 75Se, 76Se, 77Se, 78Se, 79Se, 80Se, 81Se, 82Se, 83Se, 84Se, 85Se, 86Se, 87Se, 88Se, 89Se, 90Se, 91Se, 92Se, 93Se, 94Se
67Br, 68Br, 69Br, 70Br, 71Br, 72Br, 73Br, 74Br, 75Br, 76Br, 77Br, 78Br, 79Br, 80Br, 81Br, 82Br, 83Br, 84Br, 85Br, 86Br, 87Br, 88Br, 89Br, 90Br, 91Br, 92Br, 93Br, 94Br, 95Br, 96Br, 97Br
69Kr, 70Kr, 71Kr, 72Kr, 73Kr, 74Kr, 75Kr, 76Kr, 77Kr, 78Kr, 79Kr, 80Kr, 81Kr, 82Kr, 83Kr, 84Kr, 85Kr, 86Kr, 87Kr, 88Kr, 89Kr, 90Kr, 91Kr, 92Kr, 93Kr, 94Kr, 95Kr, 96Kr, 97Kr, 98Kr, 99Kr, 100Kr
71Rb, 72Rb, 73Rb, 74Rb, 75Rb, 76Rb, 77Rb, 78Rb, 79Rb, 80Rb, 81Rb, 82Rb, 83Rb, 84Rb, 85Rb, 86Rb, 87Rb, 88Rb, 89Rb, 90Rb, 91Rb, 92Rb, 93Rb, 94Rb, 95Rb, 96Rb, 97Rb, 98Rb, 99Rb, 100Rb, 101Rb, 102Rb
73Sr, 74Sr, 75Sr, 76Sr, 77Sr, 78Sr, 79Sr, 80Sr, 81Sr, 82Sr, 83Sr, 84Sr, 85Sr, 86Sr, 87Sr, 88Sr, 89Sr, 90Sr, 91Sr, 92Sr, 93Sr, 94Sr, 95Sr, 96Sr, 97Sr, 98Sr, 99Sr, 100Sr, 101Sr, 102Sr, 103Sr, 104Sr, 105Sr
76Y, 77Y, 78Y, 79Y, 80Y, 81Y, 82Y, 83Y, 84Y, 85Y, 86Y, 87Y, 88Y, 89Y, 90Y, 91Y, 92Y, 93Y, 94Y, 95Y, 96Y, 97Y, 98Y, 99Y, 100Y, 101Y, 102Y, 103Y, 104Y, 105Y, 106Y, 107Y, 108Y
78Zr, 79Zr, 80Zr, 81Zr, 82Zr, 83Zr, 84Zr, 85Zr, 86Zr, 87Zr, 88Zr, 89Zr, 90Zr, 91Zr, 92Zr, 93Zr, 94Zr, 95Zr, 96Zr, 97Zr, 98Zr, 99Zr, 100Zr, 101Zr, 102Zr, 103Zr, 104Zr, 105Zr, 106Zr, 107Zr, 108Zr, 109Zr, 110Zr
81Nb, 82Nb, 83Nb, 84Nb, 85Nb, 86Nb, 87Nb, 88Nb, 89Nb, 90Nb, 91Nb, 92Nb, 93Nb, 94Nb, 95Nb, 96Nb, 97Nb, 98Nb, 99Nb, 100Nb, 101Nb, 102Nb, 103Nb, 104Nb, 105Nb, 106Nb, 107Nb, 108Nb, 109Nb, 110Nb, 111Nb, 112Nb, 113Nb
83Mo, 84Mo, 85Mo, 86Mo, 87Mo, 88Mo, 89Mo, 90Mo, 91Mo, 92Mo, 93Mo, 94Mo, 95Mo, 96Mo, 97Mo, 98Mo, 99Mo, 100Mo, 101Mo, 102Mo, 103Mo, 104Mo, 105Mo, 106Mo, 107Mo, 108Mo, 109Mo, 110Mo, 111Mo, 112Mo, 113Mo, 114Mo, 115Mo
85Tc, 86Tc, 87Tc, 88Tc, 89Tc, 90Tc, 91Tc, 92Tc, 93Tc, 94Tc, 95Tc, 96Tc, 97Tc, 98Tc, 99Tc, 100Tc, 101Tc, 102Tc, 103Tc, 104Tc, 105Tc, 106Tc, 107Tc, 108Tc, 109Tc, 110Tc, 111Tc, 112Tc, 113Tc, 114Tc, 115Tc, 116Tc, 117Tc, 118Tc
87Ru, 88Ru, 89Ru, 90Ru, 91Ru, 92Ru, 93Ru, 94Ru, 95Ru, 96Ru, 97Ru, 98Ru, 99Ru, 100Ru, 101Ru, 102Ru, 103Ru, 104Ru, 105Ru, 106Ru, 107Ru, 108Ru, 109Ru, 110Ru, 111Ru, 112Ru, 113Ru, 114Ru, 115Ru, 116Ru, 117Ru, 118Ru, 119Ru, 120Ru
89Rh, 90Rh, 91Rh, 92Rh, 93Rh, 94Rh, 95Rh, 96Rh, 97Rh, 98Rh, 99Rh, 100Rh, 101Rh, 102Rh, 103Rh, 104Rh, 105Rh, 106Rh, 107Rh, 108Rh, 109Rh, 110Rh, 111Rh, 112Rh, 113Rh, 114Rh, 115Rh, 116Rh, 117Rh, 118Rh, 119Rh, 120Rh, 121Rh, 122Rh
91Pd, 92Pd, 93Pd, 94Pd, 95Pd, 96Pd, 97Pd, 98Pd, 99Pd, 100Pd, 101Pd, 102Pd, 103Pd, 104Pd, 105Pd, 106Pd, 107Pd, 108Pd, 109Pd, 110Pd, 111Pd, 112Pd, 113Pd, 114Pd, 115Pd, 116Pd, 117Pd, 118Pd, 119Pd, 120Pd, 121Pd, 122Pd, 123Pd, 124Pd
93Ag, 94Ag, 95Ag, 96Ag, 97Ag, 98Ag, 99Ag, 100Ag, 101Ag, 102Ag, 103Ag, 104Ag, 105Ag, 106Ag, 107Ag, 108Ag, 109Ag, 110Ag, 111Ag, 112Ag, 113Ag, 114Ag, 115Ag, 116Ag, 117Ag, 118Ag, 119Ag, 120Ag, 121Ag, 122Ag, 123Ag, 124Ag, 125Ag, 126Ag, 127Ag, 128Ag, 129Ag, 130Ag
95Cd, 96Cd, 97Cd, 98Cd, 99Cd, 100Cd, 101Cd, 102Cd, 103Cd, 104Cd, 105Cd, 106Cd, 107Cd, 108Cd, 109Cd, 110Cd, 111Cd, 112Cd, 113Cd, 114Cd, 115Cd, 116Cd, 117Cd, 118Cd, 119Cd, 120Cd, 121Cd, 122Cd, 123Cd, 124Cd, 125Cd, 126Cd, 127Cd, 128Cd, 129Cd, 130Cd, 131Cd, 132Cd
97In, 98In, 99In, 100In, 101In, 102In, 103In, 104In, 105In, 106In, 107In, 108In, 109In, 110In, 111In, 112In, 113In, 114In, 115In, 116In, 117In, 118In, 119In, 120In, 121In, 122In, 123In, 124In, 125In, 126In, 127In, 128In, 129In, 130In, 131In, 132In, 133In, 134In, 135In
99Sn, 100Sn, 101Sn, 102Sn, 103Sn, 104Sn, 105Sn, 106Sn, 107Sn, 108Sn, 109Sn, 110Sn, 111Sn, 112Sn, 113Sn, 114Sn, 115Sn, 116Sn, 117Sn, 118Sn, 119Sn, 120Sn, 121Sn, 122Sn, 123Sn, 124Sn, 125Sn, 126Sn, 127Sn, 128Sn, 129Sn, 130Sn, 131Sn, 132Sn, 133Sn, 134Sn, 135Sn, 136Sn, 137Sn
103Sb, 104Sb, 105Sb, 106Sb, 107Sb, 108Sb, 109Sb, 110Sb, 111Sb, 112Sb, 113Sb, 114Sb, 115Sb, 116Sb, 117Sb, 118Sb, 119Sb, 120Sb, 121Sb, 122Sb, 123Sb, 124Sb, 125Sb, 126Sb, 127Sb, 128Sb, 129Sb, 130Sb, 131Sb, 132Sb, 133Sb, 134Sb, 135Sb, 136Sb, 137Sb, 138Sb, 139Sb
105Te, 106Te, 107Te, 108Te, 109Te, 110Te, 111Te, 112Te, 113Te, 114Te, 115Te, 116Te, 117Te, 118Te, 119Te, 120Te, 121Te, 122Te, 123Te, 124Te, 125Te, 126Te, 127Te, 128Te, 129Te, 130Te, 131Te, 132Te, 133Te, 134Te, 135Te, 136Te, 137Te, 138Te, 139Te, 140Te, 141Te, 142Te
108I, 109I, 110I, 111I, 112I, 113I, 114I, 115I, 116I, 117I, 118I, 119I, 120I, 121I, 122I, 123I, 124I, 125I, 126I, 127I, 128I, 129I, 130I, 131I, 132I, 133I, 134I, 135I, 136I, 137I, 138I, 139I, 140I, 141I, 142I, 143I, 144I
110Xe, 111Xe, 112Xe, 113Xe, 114Xe, 115Xe, 116Xe, 117Xe, 118Xe, 119Xe, 120Xe, 121Xe, 122Xe, 123Xe, 124Xe, 125Xe, 126Xe, 127Xe, 128Xe, 129Xe, 130Xe, 131Xe, 132Xe, 133Xe, 134Xe, 135Xe, 136Xe, 137Xe, 138Xe, 139Xe, 140Xe, 141Xe, 142Xe, 143Xe, 144Xe, 145Xe, 146Xe, 147Xe
112Cs, 113Cs, 114Cs, 115Cs, 116Cs, 117Cs, 118Cs, 119Cs, 120Cs, 121Cs, 122Cs, 123Cs, 124Cs, 125Cs, 126Cs, 127Cs, 128Cs, 129Cs, 130Cs, 131Cs, 132Cs, 133Cs, 134Cs, 135Cs, 136Cs, 137Cs, 138Cs, 139Cs, 140Cs, 141Cs, 142Cs, 143Cs, 144Cs, 145Cs, 146Cs, 147Cs, 148Cs, 149Cs, 150Cs, 151Cs
114Ba, 115Ba, 116Ba, 117Ba, 118Ba, 119Ba, 120Ba, 121Ba, 122Ba, 123Ba, 124Ba, 125Ba, 126Ba, 127Ba, 128Ba, 129Ba, 130Ba, 131Ba, 132Ba, 133Ba, 134Ba, 135Ba, 136Ba, 137Ba, 138Ba, 139Ba, 140Ba, 141Ba, 142Ba, 143Ba, 144Ba, 145Ba, 146Ba, 147Ba, 148Ba, 149Ba, 150Ba, 151Ba, 152Ba, 153Ba
117La, 118La, 119La, 120La, 121La, 122La, 123La, 124La, 125La, 126La, 127La, 128La, 129La, 130La, 131La, 132La, 133La, 134La, 135La, 136La, 137La, 138La, 139La, 140La, 141La, 142La, 143La, 144La, 145La, 146La, 147La, 148La, 149La, 150La, 151La, 152La, 153La, 154La, 155La
119Ce, 120Ce, 121Ce, 122Ce, 123Ce, 124Ce, 125Ce, 126Ce, 127Ce, 128Ce, 129Ce, 130Ce, 131Ce, 132Ce, 133Ce, 134Ce, 135Ce, 136Ce, 137Ce, 138Ce, 139Ce, 140Ce, 141Ce, 142Ce, 143Ce, 144Ce, 145Ce, 146Ce, 147Ce, 148Ce, 149Ce, 150Ce, 151Ce, 152Ce, 153Ce, 154Ce, 155Ce, 156Ce, 157Ce
121Pr, 122Pr, 123Pr, 124Pr, 125Pr, 126Pr, 127Pr, 128Pr, 129Pr, 130Pr, 131Pr, 132Pr, 133Pr, 134Pr, 135Pr, 136Pr, 137Pr, 138Pr, 139Pr, 140Pr, 141Pr, 142Pr, 143Pr, 144Pr, 145Pr, 146Pr, 147Pr, 148Pr, 149Pr, 150Pr, 151Pr, 152Pr, 153Pr, 154Pr, 155Pr, 156Pr, 157Pr, 158Pr, 159Pr
124Nd, 125Nd, 126Nd, 127Nd, 128Nd, 129Nd, 130Nd, 131Nd, 132Nd, 133Nd, 134Nd, 135Nd, 136Nd, 137Nd, 138Nd, 139Nd, 140Nd, 141Nd, 142Nd, 143Nd, 144Nd, 145Nd, 146Nd, 147Nd, 148Nd, 149Nd, 150Nd, 151Nd, 152Nd, 153Nd, 154Nd, 155Nd, 156Nd, 157Nd, 158Nd, 159Nd, 160Nd, 161Nd
126Pm, 127Pm, 128Pm, 129Pm, 130Pm, 131Pm, 132Pm, 133Pm, 134Pm, 135Pm, 136Pm, 137Pm, 138Pm, 139Pm, 140Pm, 141Pm, 142Pm, 143Pm, 144Pm, 145Pm, 146Pm, 147Pm, 148Pm, 149Pm, 150Pm, 151Pm, 152Pm, 153Pm, 154Pm, 155Pm, 156Pm, 157Pm, 158Pm, 159Pm, 160Pm, 161Pm, 162Pm, 163Pm
128Sm, 129Sm, 130Sm, 131Sm, 132Sm, 133Sm, 134Sm, 135Sm, 136Sm, 137Sm, 138Sm, 139Sm, 140Sm, 141Sm, 142Sm, 143Sm, 144Sm, 145Sm, 146Sm, 147Sm, 148Sm, 149Sm, 150Sm, 151Sm, 152Sm, 153Sm, 154Sm, 155Sm, 156Sm, 157Sm, 158Sm, 159Sm, 160Sm, 161Sm, 162Sm, 163Sm, 164Sm, 165Sm
130Eu, 131Eu, 132Eu, 133Eu, 134Eu, 135Eu, 136Eu, 137Eu, 138Eu, 139Eu, 140Eu, 141Eu, 142Eu, 143Eu, 144Eu, 145Eu, 146Eu, 147Eu, 148Eu, 149Eu, 150Eu, 151Eu, 152Eu, 153Eu, 154Eu, 155Eu, 156Eu, 157Eu, 158Eu, 159Eu, 160Eu, 161Eu, 162Eu, 163Eu, 164Eu, 165Eu, 166Eu, 167Eu
134Gd, 135Gd, 136Gd, 137Gd, 138Gd, 139Gd, 140Gd, 141Gd, 142Gd, 143Gd, 144Gd, 145Gd, 146Gd, 147Gd, 148Gd, 149Gd, 150Gd, 151Gd, 152Gd, 153Gd, 154Gd, 155Gd, 156Gd, 157Gd, 158Gd, 159Gd, 160Gd, 161Gd, 162Gd, 163Gd, 164Gd, 165Gd, 166Gd, 167Gd, 168Gd, 169Gd
136Tb, 137Tb, 138Tb, 139Tb, 140Tb, 141Tb, 142Tb, 143Tb, 144Tb, 145Tb, 146Tb, 147Tb, 148Tb, 149Tb, 150Tb, 151Tb, 152Tb, 153Tb, 154Tb, 155Tb, 156Tb, 157Tb, 158Tb, 159Tb, 160Tb, 161Tb, 162Tb, 163Tb, 164Tb, 165Tb, 166Tb, 167Tb, 168Tb, 169Tb, 170Tb, 171Tb
138Dy, 139Dy, 140Dy, 141Dy, 142Dy, 143Dy, 144Dy, 145Dy, 146Dy, 147Dy, 148Dy, 149Dy, 150Dy, 151Dy, 152Dy, 153Dy, 154Dy, 155Dy, 156Dy, 157Dy, 158Dy, 159Dy, 160Dy, 161Dy, 162Dy, 163Dy, 164Dy, 165Dy, 166Dy, 167Dy, 168Dy, 169Dy, 170Dy, 171Dy, 172Dy, 173Dy
140Ho, 141Ho, 142Ho, 143Ho, 144Ho, 145Ho, 146Ho, 147Ho, 148Ho, 149Ho, 150Ho, 151Ho, 152Ho, 153Ho, 154Ho, 155Ho, 156Ho, 157Ho, 158Ho, 159Ho, 160Ho, 161Ho, 162Ho, 163Ho, 164Ho, 165Ho, 166Ho, 167Ho, 168Ho, 169Ho, 170Ho, 171Ho, 172Ho, 173Ho, 174Ho, 175Ho
143Er, 144Er, 145Er, 146Er, 147Er, 148Er, 149Er, 150Er, 151Er, 152Er, 153Er, 154Er, 155Er, 156Er, 157Er, 158Er, 159Er, 160Er, 161Er, 162Er, 163Er, 164Er, 165Er, 166Er, 167Er, 168Er, 169Er, 170Er, 171Er, 172Er, 173Er, 174Er, 175Er, 176Er, 177Er
145Tm, 146Tm, 147Tm, 148Tm, 149Tm, 150Tm, 151Tm, 152Tm, 153Tm, 154Tm, 155Tm, 156Tm, 157Tm, 158Tm, 159Tm, 160Tm, 161Tm, 162Tm, 163Tm, 164Tm, 165Tm, 166Tm, 167Tm, 168Tm, 169Tm, 170Tm, 171Tm, 172Tm, 173Tm, 174Tm, 175Tm, 176Tm, 177Tm, 178Tm, 179Tm
148Yb, 149Yb, 150Yb, 151Yb, 152Yb, 153Yb, 154Yb, 155Yb, 156Yb, 157Yb, 158Yb, 159Yb, 160Yb, 161Yb, 162Yb, 163Yb, 164Yb, 165Yb, 166Yb, 167Yb, 168Yb, 169Yb, 170Yb, 171Yb, 172Yb, 173Yb, 174Yb, 175Yb, 176Yb, 177Yb, 178Yb, 179Yb, 180Yb, 181Yb
150Lu, 151Lu, 152Lu, 153Lu, 154Lu, 155Lu, 156Lu, 157Lu, 158Lu, 159Lu, 160Lu, 161Lu, 162Lu, 163Lu, 164Lu, 165Lu, 166Lu, 167Lu, 168Lu, 169Lu, 170Lu, 171Lu, 172Lu, 173Lu, 174Lu, 175Lu, 176Lu, 177Lu, 178Lu, 179Lu, 180Lu, 181Lu, 182Lu, 183Lu, 184Lu
153Hf, 154Hf, 155Hf, 156Hf, 157Hf, 158Hf, 159Hf, 160Hf, 161Hf, 162Hf, 163Hf, 164Hf, 165Hf, 166Hf, 167Hf, 168Hf, 169Hf, 170Hf, 171Hf, 172Hf, 173Hf, 174Hf, 175Hf, 176Hf, 177Hf, 178Hf, 179Hf, 180Hf, 181Hf, 182Hf, 183Hf, 184Hf, 185Hf, 186Hf, 187Hf, 188Hf
155Ta, 156Ta, 157Ta, 158Ta, 159Ta, 160Ta, 161Ta, 162Ta, 163Ta, 164Ta, 165Ta, 166Ta, 167Ta, 168Ta, 169Ta, 170Ta, 171Ta, 172Ta, 173Ta, 174Ta, 175Ta, 176Ta, 177Ta, 178Ta, 179Ta, 180Ta, 181Ta, 182Ta, 183Ta, 184Ta, 185Ta, 186Ta, 187Ta, 188Ta, 189Ta, 190Ta
158W, 159W, 160W, 161W, 162W, 163W, 164W, 165W, 166W, 167W, 168W, 169W, 170W, 171W, 172W, 173W, 174W, 175W, 176W, 177W, 178W, 179W, 180W, 181W, 182W, 183W, 184W, 185W, 186W, 187W, 188W, 189W, 190W, 191W, 192W
160Re, 161Re, 162Re, 163Re, 164Re, 165Re, 166Re, 167Re, 168Re, 169Re, 170Re, 171Re, 172Re, 173Re, 174Re, 175Re, 176Re, 177Re, 178Re, 179Re, 180Re, 181Re, 182Re, 183Re, 184Re, 185Re, 186Re, 187Re, 188Re, 189Re, 190Re, 191Re, 192Re, 193Re, 194Re
162Os, 163Os, 164Os, 165Os, 166Os, 167Os, 168Os, 169Os, 170Os, 171Os, 172Os, 173Os, 174Os, 175Os, 176Os, 177Os, 178Os, 179Os, 180Os, 181Os, 182Os, 183Os, 184Os, 185Os, 186Os, 187Os, 188Os, 189Os, 190Os, 191Os, 192Os, 193Os, 194Os, 195Os, 196Os
164Ir, 165Ir, 166Ir, 167Ir, 168Ir, 169Ir, 170Ir, 171Ir, 172Ir, 173Ir, 174Ir, 175Ir, 176Ir, 177Ir, 178Ir, 179Ir, 180Ir, 181Ir, 182Ir, 183Ir, 184Ir, 185Ir, 186Ir, 187Ir, 188Ir, 189Ir, 190Ir, 191Ir, 192Ir, 193Ir, 194Ir, 195Ir, 196Ir, 197Ir, 198Ir, 199Ir
166Pt, 167Pt, 168Pt, 169Pt, 170Pt, 171Pt, 172Pt, 173Pt, 174Pt, 175Pt, 176Pt, 177Pt, 178Pt, 179Pt, 180Pt, 181Pt, 182Pt, 183Pt, 184Pt, 185Pt, 186Pt, 187Pt, 188Pt, 189Pt, 190Pt, 191Pt, 192Pt, 193Pt, 194Pt, 195Pt, 196Pt, 197Pt, 198Pt, 199Pt, 200Pt, 201Pt, 202Pt
169Au, 170Au, 171Au, 172Au, 173Au, 174Au, 175Au, 176Au, 177Au, 178Au, 179Au, 180Au, 181Au, 182Au, 183Au, 184Au, 185Au, 186Au, 187Au, 188Au, 189Au, 190Au, 191Au, 192Au, 193Au, 194Au, 195Au, 196Au, 197Au, 198Au, 199Au, 200Au, 201Au, 202Au, 203Au, 204Au, 205Au
171Hg, 172Hg, 173Hg, 174Hg, 175Hg, 176Hg, 177Hg, 178Hg, 179Hg, 180Hg, 181Hg, 182Hg, 183Hg, 184Hg, 185Hg, 186Hg, 187Hg, 188Hg, 189Hg, 190Hg, 191Hg, 192Hg, 193Hg, 194Hg, 195Hg, 196Hg, 197Hg, 198Hg, 199Hg, 200Hg, 201Hg, 202Hg, 203Hg, 204Hg, 205Hg, 206Hg, 207Hg, 208Hg, 209Hg, 210Hg
176Tl, 177Tl, 178Tl, 179Tl, 180Tl, 181Tl, 182Tl, 183Tl, 184Tl, 185Tl, 186Tl, 187Tl, 188Tl, 189Tl, 190Tl, 191Tl, 192Tl, 193Tl, 194Tl, 195Tl, 196Tl, 197Tl, 198Tl, 199Tl, 200Tl, 201Tl, 202Tl, 203Tl, 204Tl, 205Tl, 206Tl, 207Tl, 208Tl, 209Tl, 210Tl, 211Tl, 212Tl
178Pb, 179Pb, 180Pb, 181Pb, 182Pb, 183Pb, 184Pb, 185Pb, 186Pb, 187Pb, 188Pb, 189Pb, 190Pb, 191Pb, 192Pb, 193Pb, 194Pb, 195Pb, 196Pb, 197Pb, 198Pb, 199Pb, 200Pb, 201Pb, 202Pb, 203Pb, 204Pb, 205Pb, 206Pb, 207Pb, 208Pb, 209Pb, 210Pb, 211Pb, 212Pb, 213Pb, 214Pb, 215Pb
184Bi, 185Bi, 186Bi, 187Bi, 188Bi, 189Bi, 190Bi, 191Bi, 192Bi, 193Bi, 194Bi, 195Bi, 196Bi, 197Bi, 198Bi, 199Bi, 200Bi, 201Bi, 202Bi, 203Bi, 204Bi, 205Bi, 206Bi, 207Bi, 208Bi, 209Bi, 210Bi, 211Bi, 212Bi, 213Bi, 214Bi, 215Bi, 216Bi, 217Bi, 218Bi
188Po, 189Po, 190Po, 191Po, 192Po, 193Po, 194Po, 195Po, 196Po, 197Po, 198Po, 199Po, 200Po, 201Po, 202Po, 203Po, 204Po, 205Po, 206Po, 207Po, 208Po, 209Po, 210Po, 211Po, 212Po, 213Po, 214Po, 215Po, 216Po, 217Po, 218Po, 219Po, 220Po
193At, 194At, 195At, 196At, 197At, 198At, 199At, 200At, 201At, 202At, 203At, 204At, 205At, 206At, 207At, 208At, 209At, 210At, 211At, 212At, 213At, 214At, 215At, 216At, 217At, 218At, 219At, 220At, 221At, 222At, 223At
195Rn, 196Rn, 197Rn, 198Rn, 199Rn, 200Rn, 201Rn, 202Rn, 203Rn, 204Rn, 205Rn, 206Rn, 207Rn, 208Rn, 209Rn, 210Rn, 211Rn, 212Rn, 213Rn, 214Rn, 215Rn, 216Rn, 217Rn, 218Rn, 219Rn, 220Rn, 221Rn, 222Rn, 223Rn, 224Rn, 225Rn, 226Rn, 227Rn, 228Rn
199Fr, 200Fr, 201Fr, 202Fr, 203Fr, 204Fr, 205Fr, 206Fr, 207Fr, 208Fr, 209Fr, 210Fr, 211Fr, 212Fr, 213Fr, 214Fr, 215Fr, 216Fr, 217Fr, 218Fr, 219Fr, 220Fr, 221Fr, 222Fr, 223Fr, 224Fr, 225Fr, 226Fr, 227Fr, 228Fr, 229Fr, 230Fr, 231Fr, 232Fr
202Ra, 203Ra, 204Ra, 205Ra, 206Ra, 207Ra, 208Ra, 209Ra, 210Ra, 211Ra, 212Ra, 213Ra, 214Ra, 215Ra, 216Ra, 217Ra, 218Ra, 219Ra, 220Ra, 221Ra, 222Ra, 223Ra, 224Ra, 225Ra, 226Ra, 227Ra, 228Ra, 229Ra, 230Ra, 231Ra, 232Ra, 233Ra, 234Ra
206Ac, 207Ac, 208Ac, 209Ac, 210Ac, 211Ac, 212Ac, 213Ac, 214Ac, 215Ac, 216Ac, 217Ac, 218Ac, 219Ac, 220Ac, 221Ac, 222Ac, 223Ac, 224Ac, 225Ac, 226Ac, 227Ac, 228Ac, 229Ac, 230Ac, 231Ac, 232Ac, 233Ac, 234Ac, 235Ac, 236Ac
209Th, 210Th, 211Th, 212Th, 213Th, 214Th, 215Th, 216Th, 217Th, 218Th, 219Th, 220Th, 221Th, 222Th, 223Th, 224Th, 225Th, 226Th, 227Th, 228Th, 229Th, 230Th, 231Th, 232Th, 233Th, 234Th, 235Th, 236Th, 237Th, 238Th
212Pa, 213Pa, 214Pa, 215Pa, 216Pa, 217Pa, 218Pa, 219Pa, 220Pa, 221Pa, 222Pa, 223Pa, 224Pa, 225Pa, 226Pa, 227Pa, 228Pa, 229Pa, 230Pa, 231Pa, 232Pa, 233Pa, 234Pa, 235Pa, 236Pa, 237Pa, 238Pa, 239Pa, 240Pa
217U, 218U, 219U, 220U, 221U, 222U, 223U, 224U, 225U, 226U, 227U, 228U, 229U, 230U, 231U, 232U, 233U, 234U, 235U, 236U, 237U, 238U, 239U, 240U, 241U, 242U
225Np, 226Np, 227Np, 228Np, 229Np, 230Np, 231Np, 232Np, 233Np, 234Np, 235Np, 236Np, 237Np, 238Np, 239Np, 240Np, 241Np, 242Np, 243Np, 244Np
228Pu, 229Pu, 230Pu, 231Pu, 232Pu, 233Pu, 234Pu, 235Pu, 236Pu, 237Pu, 238Pu, 239Pu, 240Pu, 241Pu, 242Pu, 243Pu, 244Pu, 245Pu, 246Pu, 247Pu
231Am, 232Am, 233Am, 234Am, 235Am, 236Am, 237Am, 238Am, 239Am, 240Am, 241Am, 242Am, 243Am, 244Am, 245Am, 246Am, 247Am, 248Am, 249Am
233Cm, 234Cm, 235Cm, 236Cm, 237Cm, 238Cm, 239Cm, 240Cm, 241Cm, 242Cm, 243Cm, 244Cm, 245Cm, 246Cm, 247Cm, 248Cm, 249Cm, 250Cm, 251Cm, 252Cm
235Bk, 236Bk, 237Bk, 238Bk, 239Bk, 240Bk, 241Bk, 242Bk, 243Bk, 244Bk, 245Bk, 246Bk, 247Bk, 248Bk, 249Bk, 250Bk, 251Bk, 252Bk, 253Bk, 254Bk
237Cf, 238Cf, 239Cf, 240Cf, 241Cf, 242Cf, 243Cf, 244Cf, 245Cf, 246Cf, 247Cf, 248Cf, 249Cf, 250Cf, 251Cf, 252Cf, 253Cf, 254Cf, 255Cf, 256Cf
240Es, 241Es, 242Es, 243Es, 244Es, 245Es, 246Es, 247Es, 248Es, 249Es, 250Es, 251Es, 252Es, 253Es, 254Es, 255Es, 256Es, 257Es, 258Es
242Fm, 243Fm, 244Fm, 245Fm, 246Fm, 247Fm, 248Fm, 249Fm, 250Fm, 251Fm, 252Fm, 253Fm, 254Fm, 255Fm, 256Fm, 257Fm, 258Fm, 259Fm, 260Fm
245Md, 246Md, 247Md, 248Md, 249Md, 250Md, 251Md, 252Md, 253Md, 254Md, 255Md, 256Md, 257Md, 258Md, 259Md, 260Md, 261Md, 262Md
248No, 249No, 250No, 251No, 252No, 253No, 254No, 255No, 256No, 257No, 258No, 259No, 260No, 261No, 262No, 263No, 264No
251Lr, 252Lr, 253Lr, 254Lr, 255Lr, 256Lr, 257Lr, 258Lr, 259Lr, 260Lr, 261Lr, 262Lr, 263Lr, 264Lr, 265Lr, 266Lr
253Rf, 254Rf, 255Rf, 256Rf, 257Rf, 258Rf, 259Rf, 260Rf, 261Rf, 262Rf, 263Rf, 264Rf, 265Rf, 266Rf, 267Rf, 268Rf
255Db, 256Db, 257Db, 258Db, 259Db, 260Db, 261Db, 262Db, 263Db, 264Db, 265Db, 266Db, 267Db, 268Db, 269Db, 270Db
258Sg, 259Sg, 260Sg, 261Sg, 262Sg, 263Sg, 264Sg, 265Sg, 266Sg, 267Sg, 268Sg, 269Sg, 270Sg, 271Sg, 272Sg, 273Sg
260Bh, 261Bh, 262Bh, 263Bh, 264Bh, 265Bh, 266Bh, 267Bh, 268Bh, 269Bh, 270Bh, 271Bh, 272Bh, 273Bh, 274Bh, 275Bh
263Hs, 264Hs, 265Hs, 266Hs, 267Hs, 268Hs, 269Hs, 270Hs, 271Hs, 272Hs, 273Hs, 274Hs, 275Hs, 276Hs, 277Hs
265Mt, 266Mt, 267Mt, 268Mt, 269Mt, 270Mt, 271Mt, 272Mt, 273Mt, 274Mt, 275Mt, 276Mt, 277Mt, 278Mt, 279Mt
267Ds, 268Ds, 269Ds, 270Ds, 271Ds, 272Ds, 273Ds, 274Ds, 275Ds, 276Ds, 277Ds, 278Ds, 279Ds, 280Ds, 281Ds
272Rg, 273Rg, 274Rg, 275Rg, 276Rg, 277Rg, 278Rg, 279Rg, 280Rg, 281Rg, 282Rg, 283Rg
277Uub, 278Uub, 279Uub, 280Uub, 281Uub, 282Uub, 283Uub, 284Uub, 285Uub
283Uut, 284Uut, 285Uut, 286Uut, 287Uut
285Uuq, 286Uuq, 287Uuq, 288Uuq, 289Uuq
287Uup, 288Uup, 289Uup, 290Uup, 291Uup
289Uuh, 290Uuh, 291Uuh, 292Uuh

Up to date, curated data provided by Mathematica's ElementData function from Wolfram Research, Inc.

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Absolute Boiling Point Isotope Abundances
Absolute Melting Point Known Isotopes
Abundance in Earth's Crust Lattice Angles
Abundance in Humans Lattice Constants
Abundance in Meteorites Lifetime
Abundance in the Ocean Liquid Density
Abundance in the Sun Magnetic Type
Abundance in the Universe Mass Magnetic Susceptibility
Adiabatic Index Melting Point
Allotrope Names Memberships
Alternate Names Mohs Hardness
Atomic Number Molar Magnetic Susceptibility
Atomic Radius Molar Volume
Atomic Weight Name
Autoignition Point Neel Point
Block Neutron Cross Section
Boiling Point Neutron Mass Absorption
Brinell Hardness NFPA Fire Rating
Bulk Modulus NFPA Hazards
CAS Number NFPA Health Rating
CID Number NFPA Label
Color NFPA Reactivity Rating
Covalent Radius NSC Number
Critical Pressure Period
Critical Temperature Phase
Crystal Structure Poisson Ratio
Curie Point Quantum Numbers
Decay Mode Radioactive
Density Refractive Index
Discovery Year Resistivity
DOT Hazard Class RTECS Classes
DOT Numbers RTECS Number
Electrical Conductivity Shear Modulus
Electrical Type Space Group Name
Electron Affinity Space Group Number
Electron Configuration Specific Heat
Electronegativity Speed of Sound
EU Number Stable Isotopes
Flash Point Superconducting Point
Gas Atomic Multiplicities Symbol
Gmelin Number Thermal Conductivity
Group Thermal Expansion
Half Life Valence
Heat of Combustion Van Der Waals Radius
Heat of Fusion Vickers Hardness
Heat of Vaporization Volume Magnetic Susceptibility
Ionization Energies Young Modulus