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Magnetic Type of the elements

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HydrogenDiamagnetic NiobiumN/A ThalliumDiamagnetic
HeliumDiamagnetic MolybdenumParamagnetic LeadDiamagnetic
LithiumParamagnetic TechnetiumN/A BismuthDiamagnetic
BerylliumDiamagnetic RutheniumParamagnetic PoloniumN/A
BoronDiamagnetic RhodiumParamagnetic AstatineN/A
CarbonDiamagnetic PalladiumParamagnetic RadonN/A
NitrogenDiamagnetic SilverDiamagnetic FranciumN/A
OxygenParamagnetic CadmiumDiamagnetic RadiumN/A
FluorineN/A IndiumDiamagnetic ActiniumN/A
NeonDiamagnetic TinParamagnetic ThoriumN/A
SodiumParamagnetic AntimonyDiamagnetic ProtactiniumN/A
MagnesiumParamagnetic TelluriumDiamagnetic UraniumN/A
AluminumParamagnetic IodineN/A NeptuniumN/A
SiliconDiamagnetic XenonDiamagnetic PlutoniumN/A
PhosphorusDiamagnetic CesiumN/A AmericiumN/A
SulfurDiamagnetic BariumParamagnetic CuriumN/A
ChlorineDiamagnetic LanthanumN/A BerkeliumN/A
ArgonDiamagnetic CeriumParamagnetic CaliforniumN/A
PotassiumN/A PraseodymiumN/A EinsteiniumN/A
CalciumParamagnetic NeodymiumParamagnetic FermiumN/A
ScandiumN/A PromethiumN/A MendeleviumN/A
TitaniumParamagnetic SamariumParamagnetic NobeliumN/A
VanadiumN/A EuropiumParamagnetic LawrenciumN/A
ChromiumAntiferromagnetic GadoliniumFerromagnetic RutherfordiumN/A
ManganeseParamagnetic TerbiumParamagnetic DubniumN/A
IronFerromagnetic DysprosiumParamagnetic SeaborgiumN/A
CobaltFerromagnetic HolmiumParamagnetic BohriumN/A
NickelFerromagnetic ErbiumParamagnetic HassiumN/A
CopperDiamagnetic ThuliumParamagnetic MeitneriumN/A
ZincDiamagnetic YtterbiumN/A DarmstadtiumN/A
GalliumDiamagnetic LutetiumN/A RoentgeniumN/A
GermaniumDiamagnetic HafniumN/A UnunbiumN/A
ArsenicDiamagnetic TantalumN/A UnuntriumN/A
SeleniumDiamagnetic TungstenParamagnetic UnunquadiumN/A
BromineDiamagnetic RheniumN/A UnunpentiumN/A
KryptonDiamagnetic OsmiumParamagnetic UnunhexiumN/A
RubidiumN/A IridiumParamagnetic UnunseptiumN/A
StrontiumParamagnetic PlatinumParamagnetic UnunoctiumN/A
YttriumN/A GoldDiamagnetic
ZirconiumParamagnetic MercuryDiamagnetic

Up to date, curated data provided by Mathematica's ElementData function from Wolfram Research, Inc.

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Absolute Boiling Point Isotope Abundances
Absolute Melting Point Known Isotopes
Abundance in Earth's Crust Lattice Angles
Abundance in Humans Lattice Constants
Abundance in Meteorites Lifetime
Abundance in the Ocean Liquid Density
Abundance in the Sun Magnetic Type
Abundance in the Universe Mass Magnetic Susceptibility
Adiabatic Index Melting Point
Allotrope Names Memberships
Alternate Names Mohs Hardness
Atomic Number Molar Magnetic Susceptibility
Atomic Radius Molar Volume
Atomic Weight Name
Autoignition Point Neel Point
Block Neutron Cross Section
Boiling Point Neutron Mass Absorption
Brinell Hardness NFPA Fire Rating
Bulk Modulus NFPA Hazards
CAS Number NFPA Health Rating
CID Number NFPA Label
Color NFPA Reactivity Rating
Covalent Radius NSC Number
Critical Pressure Period
Critical Temperature Phase
Crystal Structure Poisson Ratio
Curie Point Quantum Numbers
Decay Mode Radioactive
Density Refractive Index
Discovery Year Resistivity
DOT Hazard Class RTECS Classes
DOT Numbers RTECS Number
Electrical Conductivity Shear Modulus
Electrical Type Space Group Name
Electron Affinity Space Group Number
Electron Configuration Specific Heat
Electronegativity Speed of Sound
EU Number Stable Isotopes
Flash Point Superconducting Point
Gas Atomic Multiplicities Symbol
Gmelin Number Thermal Conductivity
Group Thermal Expansion
Half Life Valence
Heat of Combustion Van Der Waals Radius
Heat of Fusion Vickers Hardness
Heat of Vaporization Volume Magnetic Susceptibility
Ionization Energies Young Modulus