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Much anticipated (by me at least), this is the definitive be-all, end-all book of the elements. Like my poster, it contains beautiful photographs of all the chemical elements, shining out from a deep black background. But unlike my poster, it's not limited to just one picture per element. Instead each element gets a whole 2-page spread. At 10" x 20" (25cm x 50cm), each spread is as large as the whole place mat version of my poster! And several of the more popular elements even get two spreads.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of photos in this book, nearly all of them taken by myself and my co-author Nick Mann of objects in my collection.

Along with the photos there are short essays about each of the elements. I've tried really hard not to bore the reader with endless lists of all the applications of each element. That gets a little old after a while, so instead I have tried to lighten the tone with stories about what really makes the elements interesting. From the submarine that turned manganese into one of the most fantastic Cold War spy stories, to the radioactive drinking fountain in my kid's school, every element has something unexpected lurking under the surface.

Check out the sample page for Cobalt on the right: Click on it to get a version large enough to see all the detail and read the text (some browsers automatically scale images to fit the window, so you may have to click on the larger image again to see it full size). For an especially fun introduction to the book, check out my promo video.

There are two ways to buy the book: from one of the retailers listed below, or using the Add to Cart button below, which lets you order it directly from me.

The retailers are generally cheaper, but if you order it from me at the list price, you get a signed copy!

The Elements Book, autographed $29.95

Special gift inscriptions Since this is such a great book to give as a gift, I am happy to include whatever special wording you might like in the inscription. To request a particular inscription, use the button labeled "Where did you hear about my products" on the order confirmation page: This will add a field where you can enter what you want.

Other places you can buy the book (generally cheaper, but not signed copies).
Barnes and Noble
Powells's Books

Praise for The Elements

"Theodore Gray is passionate about the periodic table, and his collection of elements rivals that of any museum's. With his characteristic wit and erudition, and above all with gorgeous photographs, he gives intriguing examples - ranging from commonplace to quirky - of each element's unique properties and uses. This glorious book is more than just a guide to the elements; it will fundamentally deepen your appreciation of the substances that make up our world."
-Oliver Sacks, author of Awakenings, Musicophillia, Uncle Tungsten and many others

"Theo Gray is an avid collector and photographer of elements, in addition to being a first-rate popular science writer. He has assembled an exquisite book on the elements, which will appeal to everybody with an interest in chemistry and science in general. The writing is clear, engaging and authoritative. I recommend it highly."
-Eric Scerri, author of The Periodic Table, Its Story and Its Significance

"This is literally the most colorful account of the chemical elements that I have ever read. It combines the key data about every element with lighthearted text that makes it a pleasure to read. Theodore Gray is to be congratulated on producing a masterpiece of popular science."
-John Emsley, author of Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide to the Elements

"This is the element book that in style and content outshines all element books! The photographs are fantastic in their mod layout on black. In the accompanying short texts, in a few choice words, Gray sketches utility, delves into history, and isn't afraid to make sharp comments about the world. My reaction: elemental delight."
-Roald Hoffmann, writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry
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