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There are two versions of the poster available: The original design 20" x 40" (50cm x 100cm), and a brand new double-sided design in a huge 27" x 53" (68cm x 134cm) size. The preview images below are scaled to represent the relative sizes. To give a sense of scale, most typical posters are 24" x 36", the same width as my smallest size.

The new double-sided poster is laminated on both sides and printed on very heavy 120 pound stock (more like card stock than ordinary paper). Because I know some people will not be able to decide which side to display, there's a substantial discount for buying two copies. That way you can have the best of both worlds! Click either side to see it much bigger. Or click to see up-close samples of the photo squares and data squares.

Update note! This poster has been updated to include all the latest elements named in 2016. There are no remaining un-named elements, so it will never need to be updated again.

27" x 53"
68cm x 134cm

2 for $65!
Click here to
see a sample of
the photo squares
up close
Front side:
27x53 Poster
Click either
side to see it
much bigger!

Click here to
see a sample of
the data squares
up close
Back side:
27x53 Poster Data Side

The 20" x 40" size is laminated on the front face and printed on 100lbs stock (heavier than most posters).
It does not include data on the back side, just one side full of beautiful pictures. And it has not been updated to include the last few elements named in 2016.

20" x 40"
50cm x 100cm


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