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PhotoGlow on Wall

Luminous Prints

The ultimate presentation of my Photographic Periodic Table Poster is as a PhotoGlow luminous print. PhotoGlow frames use an extremely thin back lighting panel, basically the same technology used by laptop screens and flat screen displays, to illuminate a high-quality printed transparency. Brighter and higher-resolution than any screen, they create a stunning presence in any room. (Especially if you have a dark corner!)

My periodic table image is particularly well-suited to display as a luminous print: The elements glow from a deep black background, giving them a vibrancy impossible to replicate any other way.

Each PhotoGlow image is custom-printed using an 8-color archival inkjet process that results in finer detail, wider color range, and greater dynamic range than the offset printing used for ordinary posters. This is a fine-art print, not a mass-produced poster. When comparing prices, keep in mind that PhotoGlow prints are fully framed (the luminous panel is part of the frame, which is no thicker than an ordinary picture frame).

Use the Buy Now button to place an order, but keep in mind that delivery may take up to two weeks as these prints and frames are custom-made to order and drop-shipped from PhotoGlow.

You will be kept informed about the progress of your order. Contact me at if you have any questions.

These prices are for US orders only: These are large, heavy items and overseas shipping can be expensive. Contact me for a price qoute before ordering outside the US.

SizePhotoGlow Price
10" x 20"
46cm x 91cm
18" x 36"
46cm x 91cm
24" x 48"
61cm x 122cm
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