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This is something you definitely haven't seen before. Lenticular technology uses linear lens elements laminated over a specially processed image to display different views to each eye, creating a convincing stereo 3D effect. The samples appear to stand out from the surface of the paper: Creating it required photographing every sample from 12 different angles. The prints are 22" wide, the largest practical lenticular size available, and they use a fine 110-lenses-per-inch screen. This quicktime loop shows all 12 frames, but of course you don't see 3D on the screen. (The moving letters and element tiles that flip between different images are designed to catch your eye in a store, they don't bother you when looking at the stereo views.) The back side is filled with text giving the basic physical data about each element (atomic weight, melting point, boiling point, and density), and a three-line description of what each sample is, along with its approximate physical size. (Please note that while the print quality is very good, lenticular technology necessarily limits the sharpness of the images: These prints are not quite as sharp as the other versions sold here.)

Click the icon of either side to see it much bigger.

Update note! The images here are out of date: The actual product has been updated to include all the latest elements named in 2016. There are no remaining un-named elements, so it will never need to be updated again.

11" x 22" (28cm x 57cm) Lenticular 3D place mat
Front: Back:
Single $5
3 pack $12
6 pack $20
Combo Pack! 4 lenticular prints and 4 laminated placemats $24
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