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Xenon incandescent headlamp.
An example of the element Xenon

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Xenon Xenon incandescent headlamp
Xenon incandescent headlamp.
eBay is full of "xenon headlamps" promoted as if they were the very expensive xenon short-arc headlamps popular in very expensive brands of car and unpopular with everyone else because they cause a lot of glare. But these inexpensive "xenon" lamps are just ordinary incandescent bulbs that are, possibly, filled with xenon gas (which is legitimately used for this purpose, it's just not the same thing as an arc discharge lamp).
These type of fake arc lamp is often wrapped in blue film to make the yellow incandescent light look more like the bright blue/white light from a true arc light.
Source: eBay seller bulbsgalore100
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 17 April, 2009
Text Updated: 17 April, 2009
Price: $13
Size: 2"
Purity: <5%
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