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An example of the element Tin

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Tin Bird
See sample above for where the mold for this bird came from. Ethan adds further information about the bird in particular:
"The bird is about 55% tin, 25% zinc, 2% copper, and the remaining 18% bismuth. I was going for a 'golden bird' type of appearance without having to do any further modifications after the initial cast, which I was pretty happy with. Tin/copper doesn't get along too well with bismuth by itself, so I put in a bit of zinc. I oxidized the molten mix for a bit on low flame, so I had some bismuth trioxide already, heated the mold so it would cool more slowly and have more time to oxidize the surface, and poured it in. Voila! I spend way too much time testing this stuff out in my garage, or so my teachers would have it."
Shame on any teacher who thinks this isn't a good way to spend time.
Source: Ethan Currens
Contributor: Ethan Currens
Acquired: 28 November, 2005
Text Updated: 19 November, 2007
Price: Donated
Size: 3"
Purity: 55%
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