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Titanium Rorschach test.
An example of the element Titanium

Sample Image
Titanium Titanium Rorschach test
Titanium Rorschach test.
Many things have been predicted far in advance of their realization. Arthur C. Clark, the science fiction writer, famously predicted the geosynchronous communications satellite long before rocket technology was anywhere near making it possible. Leonardo da Vinci predicted any number of things, like air planes, helicopters, parachutes, and so on.
But I think it's safe to say that in all the history of the human race, from the earliest hunter-gatherers to the greatest thinkers of the modern age, not a single person ever predicted that a remarkable new metal, stronger and lighter than steel and impervious to rust, would be discovered, refined, and purified and that someone would then decide that the highest and best use of a particular bit of it would be to splatter it onto a cold surface, forming this lovely Rorschach test pattern, and that a huge internet trading system, eBay, would be created so that an otherwise un-saleable, indeed unclassifiable, item like that could be offered, found, and sold to a person like me, who for some reason imagines that having it would be a good idea. That is beyond prediction.
So, what do you think it looks like?
Source: eBay seller goventureout
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 4 January, 2004
Price: $10
Size: 7"
Purity: >90%
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