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Birthday present for Oliver Sacks()
An example of the element Aluminum

Sample Image
Aluminum Birthday present for Oliver Sacks
Birthday present for Oliver Sacks. (External Sample)
I went to New York with my six-year-old daughter Addie on somewhat of a whim, to attend Oliver Sacks' 70th birthday party. We had a great time: You can read all about it.
Of course I had to bring an element present, since Sacks is an element collector like myself (he came to visit my table about a year earlier). 70 (ytterbium) is kind of a boring element, so I decided to bring him some elements that add up to 70, aluminum (13), copper (29) and nickel (28), in the form of this little candy dish.
Location: Oliver Sacks' Office
Photographed: 9 July, 2003
Size: 8"
Purity: 33%
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