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Isotopes of Promethium (click to see decay chain):
126Pm  127Pm  128Pm  129Pm  130Pm  131Pm  132Pm  133Pm  134Pm  135Pm  136Pm  137Pm  138Pm  139Pm  140Pm  141Pm  142Pm  143Pm  144Pm  145Pm  146Pm  147Pm  148Pm  149Pm  150Pm  151Pm  152Pm  153Pm  154Pm  155Pm  156Pm  157Pm  158Pm  159Pm  160Pm  161Pm  162Pm  163Pm 

142Pm    Half-lifeFermion, 61p 81ntitle icon
40.5 sSpin 1 Parity 1

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Atomic Weight141.912874471
Mass Excess-81.156907MeV
Binding Energy8.306766MeV
Magnetic MomentN/A
Quadrupole MomentN/A
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Decay Chain Image

Decay chain image generated by Mathematica's GraphPlot and IsotopeData functions from Wolfram Research, Inc..