Living With Radiation: The First Hundred Years

By William Kolb and Paul Frame

This book was recommended to me by Nick Gessler, and boy was it worth it! It's a comprehensive examination of the products, processes, fads, fears and infatuations surrounding radiation. The book describes everything from the amazing diversity of quack medical products that flourished in the early part of the 20th century (based on the belief that radiation is good for you) to the present paranoia (based on the belief that it really isn't).

Though the book is self-published, it is by far the most comprehensive and authoritative work I've seen on the subject, and includes a very large number of photographs of every conceivable radioactive thing. You will not believe how many different places you can find this stuff!

Since the book is not available from Amazon, I've arranged with William to have an ordering button here, which allows you to order the book directly from him using PayPal to handle the money ($36 postage paid in the U.S.). If you're not familiar with PayPal, don't worry, it's very straightforward and extremely trustworthy.

Click below to order the book: If you have a PayPal account it's just a couple of clicks, if not it will prompt you to fill in name, address, and credit card information. It will indicate the payment is going to "", which is his PayPal address.

Note: If you don't see a proper button above, or if clicking it doesn't work, it means you have a firewall or proxy problem. Paypal works through a secure connection.

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