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United Nuclear (10)

United Nuclear walks the fine edge of what you can sell online and get away with today. They supply a large number of interesting items from their website at unitednuclear.com. Most of them are related to fireworks in one way or another, but they also work on interesting things like hydrogen power. A very good company to know if you need magnesium ribbon.

Click any element below to see all the samples of that element, or click on the sample picture to go directly to the description of that sample.

Text and images Copyright (c) 2010 by Theodore W. Gray.

Hydrogen Torbernite
Hydrogen: Info | Spin | 3D
Magnesium Magnesium ribbon
Magnesium ribbon.
Magnesium: Info
Aluminum Atomized aluminum
Atomized aluminum.
Aluminium: Info
Sulfur Powder
Sulfur: Info
Titanium Granular powder
Granular powder.
Titanium: Info
Zinc Zinc dust
Zinc dust.
Zinc: Info
Lanthanum Mischmetal
Lanthanum: Info | Spin | 3D
Bismuth Pellets
Bismuth: Info
Uranium Depleted uranium for sale
Depleted uranium for sale.
Uranium: Info | Spin | 3D
Uranium Modern Spinthariscope
Modern Spinthariscope.
Uranium: Info | Spin | 3D
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