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Frank Liebscher (9)

Frank Liebscher is an element collector from Germany. I sent him some nickel and copper nodules and in return he sent me some of the most beautiful pure elements I've seen: It looks like he has great skill in ampuling things!

Click any element below to see all the samples of that element, or click on the sample picture to go directly to the description of that sample.

Text and images Copyright (c) 2010 by Theodore W. Gray.

Sodium Molten blobs under argon
Molten blobs under argon.
Sodium: Info | 3D
Sulfur Beautiful granules
Beautiful granules.
Sulfur: Info | 3D
Potassium Molten blobs under argon
Molten blobs under argon.
Potassium: Info | 3D
Iron Native Arsenic with Loellingite
Native Arsenic with Loellingite
Iron: Info | 3D
Copper Electrolytic crystal
Electrolytic crystal.
Copper: Info | 3D
Strontium Dendritic crystal
Dendritic crystal.
Strontium: Info | Spin | 3D
Silver Dendritic crystal
Dendritic crystal.
Silver: Info | Spin | 3D
Iodine Veterinary preparation
Veterinary preparation.
Iodine: Info | 3D
Bismuth German crystal
German crystal.
Bismuth: Info | 3D
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