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David Franco (37)

David was the first person from the slashdot discussion who actually came through with real element samples. It turns out he has all kinds of elements, some of which he sells on eBay. He initially sent a collection of 11 little vials of elements, but once he found out I could get him things with Mathematica logos on them, he sent a bunch more.

Click any element below to see all the samples of that element, or click on the sample picture to go directly to the description of that sample.

Text and images Copyright (c) 2010 by Theodore W. Gray.

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Boron Very Odd Lump
Very Odd Lump
Boron: Info | 3D
Sodium Lump,  99.95%
Lump, 99.95%.
Sodium: Info
Aluminum Fine powder,  99.999%
Fine powder, 99.999%.
Aluminium: Info
Aluminum Tiny cylinder
Tiny cylinder.
Aluminium: Info
Silicon Chunk of 99.9999% crystal
Chunk of 99.9999% crystal.
Silicon: Info | Spin | 3D
Calcium Small lump 99.5%
Small lump 99.5%.
Calcium: Info
Titanium Cylinder, Sponge, and Mossy, 99.98%
Cylinder, Sponge, and Mossy, 99.98%.
Titanium: Info
Vanadium Tiny cylinder
Tiny cylinder.
Vanadium: Info
Chromium Small crystal lumps 99.9%
Small crystal lumps 99.9%.
Chromium: Info | 3D
Manganese Small lump 99.95%
Small lump 99.95%.
Manganese: Info
Cobalt Another anode button
Another anode button.
Cobalt: Info | Sound
Nickel Ball,  99.95%
Ball, 99.95%.
Nickel: Info
Germanium Small crystal 99.9999%
Small crystal 99.9999%.
Germanium: Info
Arsenic Pure arsenic
Pure arsenic.
Arsenic: Info | 3D
Selenium Small button 99.999%
Small button 99.999%.
Selenium: Info
Rubidium Ampule
Rubidium: Info | Spin | 3D
Yttrium Good-sized Lump
Good-sized Lump
Yttrium: Info | 3D
Zirconium Small lump 99.6%
Small lump 99.6%.
Zirconium: Info
Zirconium Tiny cylinder
Tiny cylinder.
Zirconium: Info
Niobium Powder,  99.98%
Powder, 99.98%.
Niobium: Info
Niobium Tiny cylinder
Tiny cylinder.
Niobium: Info
Molybdenum Small rectangle of foil 99.95%
Small rectangle of foil 99.95%.
Molybdenum: Info
Molybdenum Tiny cylinder
Tiny cylinder.
Molybdenum: Info
Ruthenium Very fine powder technically sponge
Very fine powder (technically "sponge").
Ruthenium: Info
Rhodium 1cm wire
1cm wire.
Rhodium: Info
Silver Turnings,  99.998%
Turnings, 99.998%.
Silver: Info
Cadmium Small lump 99.998%
Small lump 99.998%.
Cadmium: Info
Tellurium Small crystal,  99.999%
Small crystal, 99.999%.
Tellurium: Info
Iodine Small crystals,  99.99%
Small crystals, 99.99%.
Iodine: Info | Story
Cesium Sealed glass ampule, 99.98%
Sealed glass ampule, 99.98%.
Caesium: Info | Spin | 3D | Video
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