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Samples In the Jensan Set (39)

This collection shows some of the samples available in the Grand Tour of the Periodic Table mineral collection sold by Jensan Scientifics.

NOTE! This is currently only an incomplete set of photographs: There are a total of 60 samples in the set. I'll have them all photographed within a month or two.

To learn more about the set you can visit my page about element collecting for a general description, or you can see photographs of all the samples from the set displayed on my website in a periodic table layout, or in numerical order with bigger pictures in this collection.

Click any element below to see all the samples of that element, or click on the sample picture to go directly to the description of that sample.

Text and images Copyright (c) 2010 by Theodore W. Gray.

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Cadmium Greenockite from Jensan Set
Greenockite from Jensan Set.
Cadmium: Info | Spin | 3D
Antimony Stibnite from Jensan Set
Stibnite from Jensan Set.
Antimony: Info | Spin | 3D
Iodine Iodargyrite from Jensan Set
Iodargyrite from Jensan Set.
Iodine: Info | Spin | 3D
Cesium Pollucite from Jensan Set
Pollucite from Jensan Set.
Caesium: Info | Spin | 3D
Tungsten Scheelite from Jensan Set
Scheelite from Jensan Set.
Tungsten: Info | Spin | 3D
Platinum Platinum ore from Jensan Set
Platinum ore from Jensan Set.
Platinum: Info | Spin | 3D
Mercury Cinnabar from Jensan Set
Cinnabar from Jensan Set.
Mercury: Info | Spin | 3D
Lead Crocoite from Jensan Set
Crocoite from Jensan Set.
Lead: Info | Spin | 3D
Bismuth Bismuthinite from Jensan Set
Bismuthinite from Jensan Set.
Bismuth: Info | Spin | 3D
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