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Body Parts (10)

Things meant to be permanently implanted in the body need to be made from one of the limited number of substances that are compatible with human tissue, while at the same time satisfying the mechanical requirements of the application.

Click any element below to see all the samples of that element, or click on the sample picture to go directly to the description of that sample.

Text and images Copyright (c) 2010 by Theodore W. Gray.

Aluminum Artificial knee joint practice version
Artificial knee joint (practice version).
Aluminium: Info | Spin | 3D
Titanium Hip joint socket
Hip joint socket.
Titanium: Info | Spin | 3D
Cobalt Top of knee joint
Top of knee joint.
Cobalt: Info | 3D
Cobalt Hip joint ball attachment
Hip joint ball attachment.
Cobalt: Info | Sound
Cobalt Shiny hip joint
Shiny hip joint.
Cobalt: Info
Cobalt Knee joint
Knee joint.
Cobalt: Info
Cobalt Another hip joint
Another hip joint.
Cobalt: Info
Tantalum Skull plates
Skull plates.
Tantalum: Info | Spin | 3D
Tantalum Weck Hemoclip
Weck Hemoclip.
Tantalum: Info | Spin | 3D
Tantalum Skull plates, another view
Skull plates, another view.
Tantalum: Info | Spin | 3D
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