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Pictures of Thallium, its minerals and applications.

Thallium Thallium perfume
Thallium perfume.
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Thallium Large ingot
Large ingot.
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Thallium Sample from the Everest Set
Sample from the Everest Set.
Thallium Sample from the RGB Set
Sample from the RGB Set.
Thallium One gram lump
One gram lump
Thallium 0.1mm foil wrapped into small cylinder, 99.99%
0.1mm foil wrapped into small cylinder, 99.99%
Thallium Himalayan sea salt
Himalayan sea salt
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Thallium Himalayan salt lamp
Himalayan salt lamp
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Thallium Insane mineral capsules
Insane mineral capsules
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Thallium Weissbergite from Jensan Set
Weissbergite from Jensan Set.
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Thallium Photo Card Deck of the Elements
Photo Card Deck of the Elements.
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